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I need a 90s Colin appreciation post

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“I suppose it’s like, often I see a gig as like doing a crossword puzzle, you know, for me it’s like you just stand there and you just think about it very hard, really. I’m not really one of the people who put my feet on the monitors and sort of rock out. […] I don’t see my guitar as a really phallic tool to sort of spray bass through the rest of the audience in some kind of machine gun, ejaculatory, masturbatory fashion”

Colin Greenwood ladies and gentleman

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  • Colin: Well there's a lot to think about, you know. I don't want Jonathon to sort of disembowel me with his guitar whilst he's spinning around, or Ed coming over and shouting at me and sort of revealing his nipple and then running away you know. He seems to do some sort of bizarre sort of iron-jaw macho bonding thing that I really want nothing to do with.
  • Ed: [pulls up his t-shirt to reveal his right nipple while making eye contact with Colin]

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